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Character Name; Kimberly Hart
Canon; Power Rangers:
Canon Point; Season 3: post episode Passing the Lantern
Age; 17

House; Freya).

Power; Energy transfer


Perky, optimistic and outgoing, Kimberly Hart doesn't look the part of
a veteran warrior, let alone one who's been fighting intergalactic
monsters for three years. She's the popular valley girl at her high
school, enjoys  shopping, gardening, and just hanging out with her
friends at the juice bar.  Unless one actually sees her in action
against a monster, there's nothing to hint that she's part of a
fighting force called the Power rangers and a key player in keeping
Earth safe from those who wish to destroy her planet.

Fashion and appearance are Kimberly's hobby second to gymnastics. With
pink as her favorite color as well as her assigned color as a ranger,
she makes an effort to always have an pink article of clothing on her,
even a pair of pink jeans for the 'Clean up Angel Grove' club. Since
her time as a ranger, she has put such things in perspective: now
whenever she wears a dress, she'll often wear a pair of bicycle shorts
or a pink unitard underneath, just incase a group of putties appear
and she needs to fight them off.  Just because she has to constantly
be ready for a fight doesn't mean she has to completely abandon her
sense of fashion, it just means she has to be smart about it.

While she has had some basic self defense classes prior to being a
ranger, the basic of Kimberly's fighting prowess comes from over ten
years of gymnastics training, whereas most of her friends have spent
years learning martial arts even before becoming super heroes. As
such, Kimberly (as well as Billy) have had to learn  from her friends
several forms of martial arts in three years what would usually take
ten, yet her determination and athleticism  have allowed her to take
in what she knows and evolve it into her own fighting style.

While Kimberly can at times be vain and a little ditzy, it's her
integrity, dedication, and an already close bond with her fellow
teammates that made her a candidate as a power ranger. Even before
becoming a ranger, she's  always one of the first to sign up for a
charity event or help out her friends with community service. When
hers' and the rangers' parents were held hostage by the enemy, she was
willing to give up her power coin if it meant their safe return:
though in the end it was revealed to be a trap that they had to escape
from. Seeing her friends upset also doesn't sit well with her and she
will take the initiative to either see what's going on or just try to
help them feel better. At one point, it was found out that her friend
Aisha didn't make a club simply because of her family's income. Rather
than settle without her, Kimberly called the club president on her
shallowness and dropped membership in protest.  Socially awkward and
nerdy as Billy (another fellow ranger) is, her friendship and
appreciation for him is genuine: at no point does she attempt to force
him to change him image or interests  for him to 'fit in'. That a
person's sweet and interesting to be around is good enough for her to
be friends with him.

While her confidence and steadfastness can help others in tough times,
by herself Kimberly can be unsure and quick to freakout. When trapped
on the Island of Illusion, her fear is shown as two bullies completely
turning a new leaf, showing that she doesn't deal well with sudden
changes. Years later, the possibility of having to move to Paris with
her family, leavingthe rangers and starting at a new school scares her
so bad she ends up getting nightmares (and inspiring the enemy for a
new monster). While both times had Kimberly overcoming her fear, it's
usually from the support of her teammates and leader that give her the
inner strength to fight back..


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