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Kimberly Hart

The original pink power ranger

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Name:Kimberly Anne Hart
Birthdate:Feb 14
In the universe of Power Rangers, the planet Earth is always the target of on invasion or another. First Rita, then the Emperor Zedd, and so fourth. Those called to defend the planet against such evil are usually a select group of teens (or atleast young people), each granted powers and the ability to turn into the fighting squadron called the Power Rangers.

Kimberly is the pink ranger of her team, with the power bow as her assigned weapon. Standing at 5'2, with brown eyes,and brown hair that's little past her shoulders, her martial arts abilities lie more in agility and speed rather then mere strenght. A trained amateur gymnast and into shopping, her civilian clothing is often a blend of function and fashion-more often then not including the color pink.
I'm not Kimberly Hart or Amy Jo Johnson. Kimberly belongs to Saban's Power Rangers and Amy Jo Johnson belongs to herself. Her image is simply for roleplaying purposes only and not for making money.

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