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Your name or online alias: Robin
Your email: Rschwartz84@gmail.com
Another preferred means of contact: AIM: minij19
Character's Full Name: Kimberly Hart
Character's Canon: Mighty Morphin Power rangers
Character's Journal Name: Tinypink_crane
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Kimberly Hart

Answer the following questions in no less than 300 words but no greater than 1000 words put together...
Character's background (their past and present):

As a child, Kimberly had what she could consider a fairly normal childhood Her mother and father both worked , but constantly fighting and arguing, and as the eldest she often wondered if she was the source of their troubles. When she was five years old, her parents divorced and she and her mom moved from Seattle, Washington, to Angel Grove, California. During the transition, Kimberly found and started falling in love with gymnastics, the sport proving a sort of outlet and structure she wanted but couldn't find at home. Being pulled to another state and school also made Kimberly aware of what it felt to be a sort of outsider. Girly and into anything feminine, she made an effort to try and help others feel comfortable around her as well. Even in high school, she became friends with Billy through her friend Trini. For all Billy's 'nerdiness' and techno-babble, Kimberly appreciated his fascination with machines and his inventions-plus, she could always count on him to help with homework.

She was fifteen when a supposed earthquake hit the town of Angel Grove. In reality, it marked the reappearance of the witch Rita Repulsa, who sought to once again take over the planet Earth. To prevent the takeover, an entity named Zordon had Kimberly and four of her friends transported to a hidden base in the desert outside of town, and it was there that Kimberly was given the power of the pink power ranger. Where gymanstics was once a hobby of hers, she began not only working to improve her skills, but also learned to incorporate her skills into a mix of martial arts. For several months, Kimberly and her team of rangers fought against Rita and her army of putties and monsters, going up against spells, magical traps, and even having to face off in hostage exchanges, all while trying to juggle high school and a 'normal life'.

Kimberly and the other rangers continued to foil Rita’s plans, before an even worse enemy appeared. Lord Zedd proved to be even more devious than Rita, often using the Rangers sentimentality against him, or using magic to try and break up the team. Even so, she and the other rangers managed to hold him off. Still dangerous, he had managed to fully drain the green ranger of his powers, and once almost managed to brainwash Kimberly to be his queen. However, for reasons unknown, the spell used on her failed and without her morpher, Kimberly had to fake being evil to buy her friends time in order to rescue her from Zedd's dimension.

Her career as a ranger saw three of her friends and fellow rangers move on and the arrival of three new teens to take their place. Even more shocking was the ensuing battle with the marriage of Rita and Lord Zedd. If the two were a threat by themselves, Kimberly and the others were well aware that together they wouldn't go down so easily. Not unfounded, Kimberly and the rest of the rangers had their powers drained from battle in a group attack by their enemies. This lead to a journey where they were told to search for the warrior Ninjor, the original creator of their power coins, in order to gain the power of the Ninja. Through struggle and leadership through their leader (and her boyfriend) Tommy, Kimberly earned the power of the Crane-this time she not only had her ranger morph, but in times of lesser combat, could call on her powers as a ninja-ranger with the added abilities of increased speed and the ability to move through solid objects.

In Kimberly’s civilian life, her divorced mother started seeing a French painter, who invited them to move with him to Paris before the wedding. Torn between wanting to stay with her mom and her duty to the rangers, she was encouraged by Zordon to talk to her mother about her anxieties. As close as she was to her mom (not counting hiding her identity as a ranger), she also didn't want to abandon her friends and duties as a ranger. Being a ranger gave her a true sense of belonging and doing good, the chance to be a part of something bigger then herself. In the end, her friend (and yellow ranger) Aisha helped her come to a descion: she would stay with Aisha's family until the school term was over, then she would prepare to move to France. Deciding her place on the ranger team afterwards will be a bridge to cross later.

Character's personality:

Perky, optimistic and outgoing, Kimberly Hart doesn't look the part of a veteran warrior, let alone one who's been fighting intergalactic monsters for three years. She's the popular valley girl at her high school, enjoys shopping, gardening, and just hanging out with her friends at the juice bar. Unless one actually sees her in action against a monster,there's nothing to hint that she's part of a fighting force called the Power rangers and a key player in keeping Earth safe from those who wish to destroy her planet.

Second to gymnastics, Kimberly's second hobby is fashion. With pink as her favorite color, as well as her assigned color as a ranger, she makes an effort to always have an pink article of clothing on her, even a pair of pink jeans for the 'Clean up Angel Grove' club. Since her time as a ranger, she has put such things in perspective: now whenever she wears a dress, she'll often wear a pair of bicycle shorts or a pink unitard underneath, just incase a group of putties appear and she needs to fight them off. Just because she has to constantly be ready for a fight doesn't mean she has to completely abandon her sense of fashion,it just means she has to be smart about it.

While she has had some basic self defense classes prior to being a ranger, the basic of Kimberly's fighting prowess comes from over ten years of gymnastics training, whereas most of her friends have spent years learning martial arts even before becoming super heroes. As such, Kimberly (as well as Billy) have had to learn from her friends several forms of martial arts in three years what would usually take ten, yet her determination and athleticism have allowed her to take in what she knows and evolve it into her own fighting style.

Seemingly vain and a little ditzy, it's Kimberly's sense of dedication and integrity, as well as an already close bond with her fellow teammates that have allowed her to being granted the power. Even before her role as a ranger, she's always one of the first to sign up for a charity event or help out her friends with community service. When her and the rangers' parents were held hostage by the enemy, she was willing to give up her power coin if it meant their safe return: though in the end it was revealed to be a trap that they had to escape from. Seeing her friends upset also doesn't sit well with her and she will take the initiative to either see what's going on or just try to help them feel better. At one point, it was found out that her friend Aisha didn't make a club simply because of her family's income. Rather than settle without her, Kimberly called the club president on her shallowness and dropped membership in protest. Socially awkward and nerdy as Billy(another fellow ranger) is, her friendship and appreciation for him is genuine: at no point does she attempt to force him to change him image or interests for him to 'fit in'. That a person's sweet and interesting to be around is good enough for her to be friends with him.

While her confidence and quick thinking can help others in tough times, by herself Kimberly can be unsure and quick to freakout. When trapped on the Island of Illusion, she's faced with the image two bullies completely turning a new leaf through Rita's power, causing her to panic and fear that she might not have what it takes to stand up to such power. Years later, the possibility of having to move to Paris with her family, leaving the rangers and starting at a new school scares her so bad she ends up getting nightmares (and inspiring the enemy for a new monster). While both times had Kimberly overcoming her fear, it's usually from the support of her teammates and leader that give her the inner strength to fight back.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:


As a civilian, Kimberly's trained in gymnastics for nearly ten years, leaving her very athletic, graceful, and quick on her feet. Since being a power ranger, Kimberly's put herself through intense martial arts training, developing her own style as a mix of karate, judo, and kung fu along with her gymnastics training. She's also musically skilled, able to compose and play her own music on her guitar and repeat songs by ear.

Morphing into the pink ranger grants her an increase in speed, endurance and strength, allowing her to take on monsters twice her height and size. The power also allows her access to her blade blaster and power bow. Kim also has a ninja morph that she can call up on minor occasions. While she can't pull up any of her power weapons in such a morph, it does allow her to move at superspeeds to evade enemies, shoot out energy beams, and create decoys of herself to escape attacks.)


Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.:
Kimberly brings with her belt buckle power morpher and her communicator (a device that resembles a wrist watch)
Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?:
If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s):
Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them?
The short answer is to tag and gain CR with the other rangers in the game, especially those from seasons outside of the Mighty Morphin era.

The longer answer is that I love the chance to explore her character outside of the show, which at the time focused on having the teens be very clear cut. Outside of the rangers and faced with worlds and people that aren't from her, I'd like to explore her character in a way for her to find her place on the ship and within such a community. Much as she's a team player, of the other rangers, Kim's always needed to play 'catch up' as far as weapons and martial arts, pulling her away from the team, even if there are other rangers on the ship, would give time to play out her being her own person outside of gymnastics and being a ranger. Being around adults in more commanding positions might help her feel a part of something, rather then hiding behind trying to be a normal teenager.

Hiding her ranger identity will be tricky at first, but I usually portray Kimberly as more pragmatic and thoughtful then that. After the incident with Rocky, Adam and Aisha finding out, she may open up to tell a few trusted her secret, but only with discretion.

In the series, it is implied that she has some cooking skills and knowledge of plants, while none of these are at expert level, she could easily branch off and start learning about medicinal plants and how to process them. On the ship proper, she's level headed enough and would be able to help out at the medical bay and the gardens, both of which she would jump to and be glad to help out in, especially with all of the different knowledge and plants there are.

Writing Sample #1:

The community center at Madison wasn't the Youth center. Sure, it provided a decent hang out place, but there was no Ernie behind the bar or friends messing around on the mats (for all they claimed to be training). Really, the place wasn't the same.

She could've certainly used one of Ernie's smoothies with these assignments. Of course, two weeks into the end of term and teachers were cramming everything in. She had her french exam, and a final project in both history and American Literature-the latter being a damn group project. Atleast it was supposed to be a group project, but so far it seemed Kim was doing the work of the other three girls-townies that seemed to have no problem blowing it all off. Before her on the table was her binder and the novel she was reading, as well as some reference books to help her along. She was only supposed to be looking for points said in the novel, but she could never get the others to agree on a meeting place.

She wondered if it was possible to sabotage without affecting her own grade. That would definitely show the girls that she meant business. Nevermind this wouldn't transfer home, she wasn't going to let herself get away with a bad grade because they were too lazy and selfish.

"Whoever invented group projects should get hit with an arrow."  Team work her ass, that could be done in gym class.


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